Short drive on TVS Jupiter

We all like riding and there nothing else is cooler than in a riding jacket and half litre engine underneath us. Who wouldn’t like to ride some of the fastest, craziest and amazing super bikes. That is where the most of the riding fun is! Or is it ?

We have seen riders going to the extremes of the locations/weather/conditions on their heavy and reliable engines but seldom we pay attention to some of the adventure tourers who have clocked more mileage on their, not so pretty, small bikes. These stories are incredible and often gets lost like a spec in the dust of the social media storm. But such people have risen and stood as an inspiration for riders, adventurers and mankind in general. There is a lot to learn from their mitigation of resources, presence of mind and unnerving determination.

One such adventure tourer I recently saw on the YouTube was Ed March from Dover, England and who has driven half of the planet with his Honda Cub C90. Ed videos are witty and a lovely experience to watch. But crossing continents on a humble 90CC engine is no easy task but he does that with a breeze. I would encourage all to watch his channel(description below). Riders like Ed and others have inspired the Travelers across the globe and reminds us how minimalistic we could be and yet travel the world and how one can offload the thought that travel is an expensive affair.

As a tribute and an honor for such adventurers I dedicate my video of a short drive I took on my TVS Jupiter. For those who do not know what a TVS Jupiter is, it is a 100CC scooter with auto gears and a typical Italian scooter model. With very short front suspension and a decent rear one this bike in no means an ideal machine to take out of the city limits. Of course I wouldn’t discredit some of the riders who have taken this bike to some of the extreme terrains.

Small drive but a giant leap for the tourer in me to leave the sight of the shores.

Following is the link to Ed March’s channel.

By sivakarnam

I am passionate about Photography and Travel. Most of my blog posts hover around Macro or Travel Photography.

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